We live in uncertain times 

Did you know that chronic stress and tension can lead to poor health? We can literally feel as though we are drowning in stress.

Catecholamines or stress hormones are released into our bloodstream as part of our 'Flight or Fight' response, a survival mechanism that kicks in when the body is under real or perceived threat. Over time, chronic stress and the 'stress response' leave our coping mechanisms drained. We become more susceptible to illness and burnout.

Scary Fact

Many of us are stressed without really being aware just how stressed we are or what this stress is actually doing to us.

Counteracting Stress

The effects of stress on our health is the reason for taking active steps to counteract it. Managing stress can help keep you healthy and well. Or, if you are unwell, active stress release allows the body a chance to heal

The Good News

But the good news is if we are stressed there are steps we can take to address our stress and reduce it.

But first we need to know what our stress levels are. This gives us a baseline to work with.

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