Safe Haven

Peace & Well-being in Uncertain Times

Troubled Times

We live in extraordinary times. The uncertainty of life is something that everybody deals with from time to time, however, the Covid pandemic has been the source of unprecedented uncertainty in recent times.

It is the first global pandemic of this scale to happen since the Spanish flu in the early 20th century.

Not surprisingly, the impact on our mental health and wellbeing has been significant, with reports of increased anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation and unease. 

And our bodies are not immune.

Did You Know

Did you know that chronic stress and tension can lead to poor health? We can literally feel as though we are drowning in stress.

Catecholamines or stress hormones are released into our bloodstream as part of our 'Flight or Fight' response, a survival mechanism that kicks in when the body is under real or perceived threat. Over time, chronic stress and the 'stress response' leave our coping mechanisms drained. We become more susceptible to illness and burnout.

The effects of stress on our health is the reason for taking active steps to counteract it. Managing stress can help keep you healthy and well. Or, if you are unwell, active stress release allows the body a chance to heal.

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Creating Calm

There has never been a more important time to focus on creating a sense of calm. Stress and anxiety undermine our ability to cope with life's challenges. Creating a sense of calm is the perfect antidote to stress and boosts our capacity to cope.

Finding Hope

In a sense, life as we knew it has been turned upside down. Everyday things once taken for granted like catching up with family and friends, being able to hug someone, even a simple handshake is now seen in a different perspective.

Many of us have been forced into lockdown, lost jobs, suffered economic fallout and been vulnerable to an ever-present level of anxiety that hums along in the background of our awareness. Part of this anxiety is because we never really know what's around the corner.

Even as much of the world is coming out of lockdown or moving into life-after-covid, there is still a lingering uncertainty about a world we may have once felt was safe or predictable.

This is exactly why it is so important to cultivate an inner reserve to deal with whatever uncertainty arises.

The good news is there is a way to rediscover calm, peace, hope and to rebuild our inner reserve of strength and resilience.

Safe Haven is the first step on your journey to resilience and rediscovering hope.

Why Safe Haven?

A Silver Lining

One of the positive things to come from this global pandemic is people’s capacity for resilience and ingenuity, of finding creative ways to cope with and deal with living in uncertain times. 

When We Need a little Extra Support

We all can do with a little extra help and inspiration to get us through troubled times, especially if in lockdown or in difficult circumstances, but importantly even in our new, 'Covid Normal' world.

That’s where Safe Haven: A Pocketbook of Peace & Well-being for Uncertain Times can help.

Filled with simple and suggestions to delight mind, body and soul, the Safe Haven Pocketbook helps you navigate your way through difficult days, showing it is possible to create pockets of joy and days filled with peace and calm even when life is hectic and our days are uncertain or difficult.

I want to join the Safe Haven community!



Find ways to reduce stress. Reducing stress is easy with my simple, no fuss approach.


Learn new skills. Follow my simple steps to learn new skills or do old things in brand new ways! 


Let go of what weighs you down and find joy in new ways of doing things. Peace starts here!  

Yes please! I want to learn more about how to create my own Safe Haven!

Hi there! I'm Sasha

I'm an author writing under the pen name SK Reid, and I run a boutique video production business on the outskirts of the beautiful Yarra Valley in South East Australia.

I am also a paramedic graduate, part of the firefighting family and have trained in grief & bereavement counselling and intervention. 

My experience in paramedicine and bushfire has given me a unique insight into trauma and the resilience of the human spirit. 

I know that bad things can happen to good people. I know that trauma and adversity are real, not a product of mindset or some failings on your part. 

The global pandemic is proof of this. It is not karma. It is not a product of imagination nor your subconscious. The pandemic is not the will of God, nor a lack of positivity in the collective mind. It is a virus that replicated and caused global problems that humanity has had to deal with and confront. Head on.

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Taking Stock

Each one of us has had to take stock at some level and deal with the fallout of the pandemic. This is the first step towards regrouping and cultivating the ability to heal and to restore inner equilibrium.

Healing is active. It is conscious. It is intentional. It is doable. It begins with acknowledging where we are right now and then taking the next step in the direction of peace. And then another. And then another.

We may stumble and we may fall. But we can get up, brush ourselves off and start again, one step at a time. 

Your Safe Haven

The Safe Haven Pocketbook is your companion on the path towards peace. It takes you step by step towards an inner sense of peace and harmony through simple activities and reflections designed to bring pockets of joy into your day.

In my specially designed Safe Haven pocketbook, I share with you suggestions and insights that come from my passion for, and experience of helping people find resilience and a sense of wellbeing, even during uncertain times. 

No matter what's happening in your world, you CAN create your very own Safe Haven to rest, recharge and renew faith and hope. 

Let me show you how!

Begin today!

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