Our world is in a

Fragile Balance

A New Normal

When COVID-19 hit the world, we were not prepared for the chaos that followed. Things we once took for granted suddenly became dangerous and taboo. A simple hug with a loved one no longer the norm, we became masters of zoom and life in isolation as the world as we knew it suddenly came to a stop.

Slowly our 'New Normal' is emerging, but the life we once knew will never be the same.

And for many of us, this can be a source of underlying stress, tension or anxiety - sometimes just below our level of awareness. For some of us, the stress and strain of the 'New Normal' is taking its toll. Over time, this stress undermines our wellbeing and chips away at our ability to withstand day-to-day tension.

The good news is that help is here.

The good news is with a little TLC, we can rekindle hope, joy and vitality. Even though stress and tension may be part of the 'New Normal,' there are steps we can take to nurture our wellbeing. While we may live in troubled times, there is a way to find our way through the chaos to a better place, to a place of calm and peace.

To our very own Safe Haven.

Safe Haven.

Finding Peace in Troubled Times.

The Safe Haven Pocketbook turns chaos into calm, soothes frazzled nerves and

reminds you that no matter how uncertain life may be, peace is possible.

oman holding iPhone with safe Haven ebook

The Safe Haven Pocketbook - your little piece of calm.

An invitation to create your own Safe Haven is here.



Covid turned the world upside.



woman doing yoga on beach at sunset

Safe Haven is for you if you need to....


Rekindle Joy

If this past year has left you struggling to find joy, Safe Haven is for you.


Reduce Stress

If this past year has left you stressed and anxious, Safe Haven is for you.


Recalibrate your Senses

If this past year has left you drained, flat and lacking energy, Safe Haven is for you.


Reduce Tension

If this year has left you feeling more tense than you've been before, Safe Haven is for you. 


Restore Vitality

If this past year has left you feeling tired and unmotivated, Safe Haven is for you.

Yes please! I want to revive!


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